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HitchHiking Scandinavia - Days in Espoo Helsinki Finland n back home via russia moscow

So the bus from Turku to Helsinki (capital of finland)had seat numbers and that was the first time we encountered that in europe..Also, toilets had water jets in Finland along with paper unlike Norway, sweden or denmark :)

Anyway, post getting off the bus our friend/host was there to pick us up and after more than 30days of sleeping in the wild we were gonna get a room and a bed for the last few nights in europe..never were these basics appreciated so much  :)..

After a nice europen pasta for lunch, some desert n great coffee a few more of their friends n kids joined us to go out Kayaking into the sea..

The plan was set to kayak some 10 km one way to an island for some barbeque and traditional finis Sauna...After picking up the kayaks and the rest of the equipment from this kayak club to the jetti..then a small brefing on how to kayak,rescue technique incase of capcising and then off we were paddling for more than an hour to reach this beaitiful island...

after a session of piknik barbeque, we went into the sauna...

Its a very basic, traditional kinda set up with a few men going in nude totally normal and somewhat drunk ;)

The sauna was one part, the other was to heat up for a while and then come out to take a dip in the super cold baltik sea, now that was quite a challange for me...anyway, i somehow managed to get thru it and followed it up a several times into the evening..Paddling back to mainland after this in the setting sun was a spectacular experience :) (wish i could be more poetik abt explaining this)

Next day was a lazy start and sometime in the afternoon we biked took this long bicycle route to the downtown and back..This ride was quite pretty and the city too is quite beautiful and relaxed as compared to Oslo or Stockholm..

On the way back we lost our way, and finally could make it back home by midnight...

Again the next day planned out with a visit to a big strawberry field for berry picking and unlimited eating at the same time. This was followed by yet another long session of sea kayaking, to another island this time..This one even more gorgeous,with a fresh water lake in between and an island in the lake too ;)..super special..

After reaching there i changed my plan which was to take a dip, however, i took a nice long nap under the warm nordik sun,right across the lake :)

Upon wakin up followed the dinner piknik with friends then back to mainland with our kayaks...

There after the following day was spent resting and with Meenu cooking some super tasty Indian food,which was greatly appreciated by everyone....

Next came the last day of our travel..Helsinki..MOSCOW(16hour wait)....Delhi...

and so the last night of camping was at moscow terminal f ...:)

bye bye europe..u wont be missed..





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